Cheap electronics are increasingly being used as a tool for business and marketing, with the market expected to grow by almost 5 per cent in 2017.

Read more about the technology:The rise of the internet of things has been fuelled by the rise of connected devices, where sensors and devices can communicate with each other, providing more data about their environment and behaviour, as well as allowing people to connect to the internet and connect to other devices.

The advent of these devices has also resulted in the development of ‘connected home’, where devices can connect to each other to communicate with one another, for example. 

The rise in these devices is a result of the rise in connected home devices.

As more people turn to the web and mobile phones as their primary communication mediums, the demand for connected devices has risen rapidly, with demand for smart home products skyrocketing.

According to a report by analytics firm eMarketer, the market for connected home products has grown by around 25 per cent over the past three years.

“The trend is towards more connected home systems becoming commonplace,” said the report, which was released on Thursday.

“With so many connected devices in the home, consumers are increasingly choosing smart devices that can control the lights, doors, fans, thermostats, and more.”

Smart home products are becoming more and more common in homes, which is expected to further drive demand for more connected devices.

“Smart home devices include smart home thermostat, lighting control, and lighting control panel devices.”

In 2017, we forecast that the internet-connected home market will reach $5.3 billion,” the report said.”

These devices are likely to be found in homes in all major markets across the globe.

“While connected home demand is expected grow by about 4 per cent annually, the report warned that the growth rate could be significantly lower if the demand of connected home is not driven by consumers.”

A growing number of connected device brands are offering smart home solutions, and there is a great potential for this market to grow substantially in the coming years,” the company said.

The report also noted that the “internet of Things” is “now a very real possibility” and that the number of “smart” home products is likely to grow.