A system of neon lights up your system with neon and light.

It has no screen, and can be used as a light switch.

But neon is not an operating system.

It is a software package.

How do you install it?

Install Neon on a computer with the NeonOS package installed.

Open Terminal, navigate to the directory containing the Neon package, and type: cd /usr/local/bin/ninetos This will open a shell window that you can run, passing the path to the Neon directory, then typing: sudo ./ninets install The NeonOS installation will then install Neon on your computer, then you can start Neon to change the colors, the animations, or whatever you like.

You can also install a variety of plugins, such as music and media players.

If you want to make a permanent install, you can do it in the same way, by running: sudo apt-get install neon-plugins.

This will install all the plugins needed for the neon program to run.

The Neon software has been designed to work with many operating systems.

If Neon doesn’t run well on another operating system, you should check that it is compatible with NeonOS.

You may also want to check out our tutorial on how to install Neon with the Linux kernel.