by David Crutchfield, Electronics Engineer, TI article When TI decided to move from a transistor based computer to a silicon based one, the timing was perfect.

A silicon transistor has many advantages over a transistor, including less power consumption and higher quality.

However, with the emergence of silicon based processors, the silicon based components are starting to run into the limits of power and stability.

The new aluminum e-systems are a completely different approach to electronic gaming.

This new approach enables you to play games that are far more stable, scalable, and performant than the traditional transistor based design.

TI is proud to introduce the AlE.

The aluminum eGX platform enables you and up to 8 others to play on an atomized aluminum core.

You can switch between a standard gaming rig or a full computer and the eGx can run your favorite PC, smartphone, tablet, or other device.

In addition to standard games, you can now connect your favorite gaming devices to the eGsX for easy connectivity.

The eG3 and eG4 devices are both available with built-in wireless gaming functionality.

The AlE offers an array of game options including 2D, 3D, and even some of the newest games such as Super Mario Run and Rocket League.

The core design is built with high-quality, highly efficient, and very low power components.

The i3/i5/i7 series, i7, and i9 series are all compatible.

You will find all the latest chipsets, software, and components in the AlEs.

We are proud to offer you a high-performance, low-cost gaming solution.