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Ns. from getting sick Now Playing Experts: ‘There’s no reason to doubt’ the US will be safer after Trump takes office Now Playing Russia will allow women to drive cars in 2019, the first time the country has done so, according to an internal report Now Playing New Zealand says it won’t stop its nuclear talks With less than a week to go before the 2020 Winter Olympics, there are still some things to be done to make the Games safe.

Here are some of the big issues.


Can the U of S really compete in these games?

A few weeks ago, the U’s bid for the 2020 Olympics was derailed by the Trump Administration’s decision to withhold funding and stop hosting the Winter Games in Los Angeles, a decision that was later reversed.

A new report from the White House Council of Advisors says the White Houses decision to not host the games in Los Angles, California was “not based on a determination that the Games would not meet the highest standards of safe hosting, but rather, that the President and his team were unable to secure a compelling and long-term solution for Los Angeles.”

This is a pretty significant move.

The report says the IOC will need to be confident that the U has the best infrastructure in place to host the Olympics.

They have to be willing to make big investments to make sure the facilities are ready for the Games.

If the IOC can’t guarantee that this infrastructure will be able or will be ready for a major event, the IOC is not going to host it. 2.

What’s Trump’s plan?

As a candidate, Trump promised to make a deal with China that would allow the U to negotiate trade deals with China.

He also promised to ban Muslims from entering the US, and he has called for a wall along the US-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigration.

Trump’s strategy has been to try to leverage his popularity among Hispanics, who are key to his support.

But he also wants to exploit the fear and anxiety that the election has created among immigrants and minorities in the US.

So, in order to make this work, he wants to take advantage of the fear of immigrants and immigrants’ fears.

In fact, he is hoping that Trump’s fear will lead to some kind of compromise to ease immigration restrictions in order for him to win over minority voters.


What happens now?

The U’s Games will be held on Feb. 11-14 in Rio de Janeiro.

They are the biggest sporting event in the world, and they are the largest sporting event held by the United States.

But the IOC also has other important responsibilities, like hosting the Olympics and making sure that the games are run in a way that protects athletes.

The U also has a huge amount of financial responsibility for the Olympics, and the Games are going to cost a lot of money.

So the IOC has to be very careful about how they are handling these Olympics.


What are the challenges?

It’s important to note that the Olympics are held at the height of global attention.

There have been major events around the world this year, including the