A little help from the Internet is good, and it’s certainly the case with this DIY Santa gift set that I’ve assembled for you.

With this Santa card you can decorate with your favorite characters from the video game franchise, such as the adorable Kratos, the hilarious Little Sister, and the more traditional Santa.

But it also includes a digital Christmas card that includes images of all the characters, and you can send a personalized message.

All of these characters will also be present in your gift set.

To begin, I had to assemble a couple of Christmas card bases.

The first is an 8-inchx11-inch base that you can purchase at most local electronics stores.

The base comes with an assortment of stickers and some extra decorations, including a Santa hat, a Santa stocking, and a Santa-themed gift bag.

A better base is available for less than $15 at a local toy store.

Next, I decided to build my own card that I could print out on my printer.

This one comes with the characters of all of the video games, plus a Santa sticker that you attach to the base.

Print out the base and print the characters on your printer.

If you don’t have a printer, I suggest using a laser cutter to cut out the characters and put them on your paper.

You can use this template to build up your base and decorate it with your own personalized message, like “My Santa sent me a wonderful gift.”

Next up, you can add some stickers to your base to add some festive flair.

Add a sticker to your Santa card base and add a sticker for the characters to display on the sides of the card.

Cut out your base for your Santa cards.

This is a very basic Santa card that can be built with a couple basic supplies.

First, you will need a print-out printer.

The best one for this is Makerbot Replicator 2.

You will also need some scissors.

I had a pair of scissors, so I used them to cut the characters out of the base, and they worked just fine.

After the characters are cut out, attach them to your printer base using glue.

To make the glue, I used a paintbrush and the adhesive tape that comes with spray paint.

Now you can attach your characters to your printed base.

Use the same technique you used for the printed cards to glue the characters onto the base instead of the sides.

When your base is fully assembled, you should be able to remove the cards from the printer and print them out.

The characters should look pretty much like they did on the video.

Once you have your Santa set up, send your Santa a message with a message of your own and attach a personalized Santa card.

If your Santa does not respond, you may want to print out a personalized card with the message and attach it to your cards.