Fred Meyer Electronics, the maker of the “fry” handheld electronic device, has announced that the brand is closing its doors after nearly 10 years.

“We have decided to close our doors as we continue to focus on our mission,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“The company was founded in 2005, and we’ve been fortunate to work on cutting edge technologies and products that have helped drive the future of the industry.

Our team of innovators and designers have built a strong relationship with the people and the world around us.”

Fred Meyers announced the closing of its website on Thursday, as well as a Twitter account and Facebook page.

The company had previously said it would close its doors for good at the end of 2017.

“Our team is grateful to have been a part of the world’s largest consumer electronics brand for so many years,” the tweet said.

“Many of us will miss our colleagues and friends and to those who helped make Fred Meers amazing products.”

The company also said it was working with other companies to create new devices.

The final product lineup The company was a leader in the field of mobile devices and its flagship devices, the “Fry,” and the “Electron,” were popular with children and teens.

Fred Meys last two generations of handheld electronics, the first of which was released in 2007, were sold primarily to children, but its latest generation, the Electron, was released last year and is currently the bestselling portable electronic device in the world.

The Electron has been popular with kids for several years, according to the company, which launched a new line of children’s products in 2016.

The new products include “Fred Meyers Kids” and “Frosty” toys, which feature a colorful cartoon frosty whopper, and “Fred” products with a “Fred.”

The Electrons popularity grew as it became more popular with parents, who wanted their kids to have a “frosty experience” while playing with the devices.

Freds mobile devices were made in China and have been sold to other countries around the world since their release in 2007.

In a separate announcement on Friday, the company announced plans to launch its first electric car in 2020, which will be powered by a solar cell battery.

The electric car will be called “Freds Drive” and will go on sale later this year.

The announcement follows a partnership with Ford to make electric vehicles for the company.

Fredmeys products have been the subject of criticism from consumers and the media.

In February, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which represents consumer electronics manufacturers, issued a report that said Fred Meyrs “failed to offer a credible, secure and secure alternative to its competitor” for the consumer electronics market.

A spokesperson for the CEA said that while the company “made significant improvements” in the last decade, it had been unable to “address the root of the problem” of its product’s poor battery life.

The report said the Freds battery lasted only five minutes, which is “not good enough.”

“Fredmeys was able to take advantage of a key technology in the Apple Watch that gave it a competitive advantage in the smartphone market,” the CEA said in its report.

The CEA report also said Fredmey’s products had “failed in other ways,” such as by failing to offer customers an easy way to adjust their battery life, and that it had “made the most significant changes to its design in 10 years.”

“The Fredmeyers family has been in the consumer electronic business for more than 50 years and we will continue to build on this legacy,” Fred Meyers said in a statement.

This includes focusing on new products in the automotive industry.” “

For me, the next stage in this journey is to take Fredmees focus away from my product lines and onto other products.

This includes focusing on new products in the automotive industry.”

Fredmeyer Electronics will continue producing devices, including the “Fredster” smartphone, the Fredster battery, and the Fredmester wireless tablet, and will focus on the future with new products that “are a truly transformative step in the evolution of the consumer computing industry.”

The shutdown of Fredmeer’s brand was first reported by the Associated Press.

FredMeyer said it will continue manufacturing “Fredsters” for “customers who want to have fun while charging their devices,” according to a statement from the company posted to its Facebook page late Friday.

“While Fredmeirys is not closing its door for good, we will focus our efforts on delivering innovative products that are innovative for the consumers, as we always have done,” the statement said.

The Associated Press has reached out to FredMey for comment.

Fredy was founded by Fred Meer and his brother