Delta is preparing to launch its new light aircraft, the Delta X, at the end of the month.

The Delta X will be the company’s fifth aircraft in the Delta family, and will be manufactured by Boeing and Delta’s partner Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Delta will also use the Dreamliner to bring its 737 MAX to the U.S. market, and to deliver its new fleet of aircraft to customers in the coming years.

Boeing is the major sponsor of Delta’s new fleet, and the 737 MAX will be Delta’s next aircraft.

Delta’s new Delta X aircraft will be introduced in 2018Delta will announce the Delta MAX at the Airshow in Miami next month.

The new aircraft will compete with Boeing’s 737 MAX in both size and performance.

The new Delta MAX will offer Delta’s passengers more versatility than ever.

In addition to the ability to fly on a range of aircraft, Delta will offer two-way seat-changing capabilities.

Delta also plans to offer an emergency seat that can be accessed through the rear cargo door, a first for its fleet.

Delta also plans on offering passengers an all-new and exciting way to travel, as it will offer a fleet of light and medium passenger aircraft to carry the company through its expansion plans.

A Delta MAX is also the first aircraft that is being manufactured by a company outside of Boeing.

Delta’s 777X will also be made by Airbus, which is a Delta subsidiary.

Delta has been planning its fleet expansion for more than a decade.

In 2016, Delta announced it was looking to expand the Delta fleet to 15 aircraft by 2019, with an eye toward the first of those being the 737 Max, which was to be delivered to the airline in 2021.

By 2020, Delta plans to expand to more than 30 aircraft, with another 20 being on the way by 2019.

“We’re confident that our new MAX fleet will be one of the best-performing in the industry,” Delta CEO Ed Bastian said in a statement.

Read more about Delta aircraft here:Delta has announced that its new MAX aircraft will not be available until the middle of 2019, and it will not enter service until 2019.

Delta is planning to make its new Boeing 757 MAX a commercial service aircraft, or CSA, for passengers in 2021, as well.

Delta has a total of 26 CSA aircraft, according to a release from Boeing.

Delta will begin offering the Delta Delta MAX in 2021Delta plans to introduce the Delta EX at the 2018 Airshow, according a release.

Delta hopes to begin selling Delta MAXs to the public in 2021 and beyond.

Delta will also begin offering Delta MAX seats in 2021 in the form of Delta One, Delta SkyMiles, Delta Prestige and Delta SkyClub.

Delta expects to introduce a third, non-Delta, aircraft in 2021 to replace the Delta Max, according the release.

Delta plans on introducing a third aircraft in 2019, according it release.

According to the release, Delta is planning on adding a new aircraft in 2020, with the Delta SkyTrain.