Electronic birthday cards are now a popular choice for many people who are looking to celebrate their birthday, especially as you get older.

But how do they compare to their paper counterparts?

Electronic birthday cards were created in 2010 and have become one of the most popular options among Australians, according to research by IT consultancy KPMG.

“Electronic birthdays are not only popular but also widely recognised by many in the Australian community as the ideal gift for seniors,” said Mr Kogan.

Mr Kogan said many seniors who use electronic birthday calendars have been looking for ways to celebrate.

Electronics birthday cards may also be a good option for those who have health conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

For example, Mr Kahan said, seniors may want to celebrate an electronic birthday for someone who is elderly, or for a friend or family member who is disabled.

But it is not the only option for electronic birthday celebrations.

Mr Kovan said a couple can use a digital or analogue birthday card to mark a special occasion.

The digital card will contain an electronic date, the name of the person or event, and a digital photograph.

The date will be printed on the card.

The digital photograph will be a photograph taken by a member of the family or friend.

A digital birthday card can also be used to mark another event such as a birthday party.

Many people, however, prefer to celebrate with a digital birthday.

“For the elderly, it’s often easier to use digital birthday cards and the time stamp is usually much shorter than using paper cards,” Mr Kavan said.

“In fact, some people prefer to use a digitally coloured card instead of a paper card because of the color and clarity of the ink.”

Digital cards can be used on an old credit card or a digital payment card for a wedding or funeral.

“Electronic gift cards are usually made up of small plastic or metal cards, and usually cost between $25-$50 each.”

Electronics gift cards can also offer an easier and cheaper alternative to traditional gifts,” Mr Bishara said.

While there are other electronic gift options, many prefer to have a digital card for their birthday.