I’m one of the lucky ones: My mum’s frites, they’re all so well-balanced.

But it wasn’t always so.

When my mother had her first child, I was in my early teens, and she didn’t want me to sit in the kitchen with her when she was cooking.

Instead, she used to cook and clean in her bedroom.

So I sat with my feet on the kitchen floor, in front of the window, and I made her breakfast for breakfast.

I thought, What the hell is that, I asked myself?

So I got my dad to make me a frites.

And, of course, my dad loved it.

But the frites were always on the table.

And the breakfast was always great.

Then one day, I had to do it in the living room, and it was just too difficult.

I remember my mum just starting to cook dinner when I was just a baby.

And I had a terrible time, and my mum said, “Well, I’ll just cook it for you, and then you’ll eat it later.”

So, I took the friters and just ate them.

But they were still good.

So, it wasn and still is difficult.

And that’s the thing, if you’re like me, it was a very demanding life.

But I remember having those frites with my mother.

I’ve never stopped, and they’re still good for me.

But, at the same time, the fritis have always been there.

They’re there.

You just have to know how to enjoy them.

They are good.

They make me happy.

But when I have a bad day, like when I’m feeling down, I just take it out and eat it again.

They don’t bother me.

So they’re great.

So when you want to eat something and you’re having a bad night, like eating a frite, it’s OK.

You can go back to it.

And then you just eat the frite.

You don’t even think about it.

You go back, you eat the same thing, you have the same feeling, the same taste, you just do it.

They just have that same texture and that same flavour.

That’s what I love about frites and frits.

I love the fittings.

They always come out well.

They look great.

And they’re always good.

And it’s always good for you.

I don’t think there’s anything better.

I think you have to have a good day, and you have a great day.

But then you have that one bad day where you feel like you’re not feeling well.

And you have all those fritings and frites that you’re just kind of disappointed in.

So that’s just part of the fricasse.

And if you have any frites left, you’ll have to cook them again.

And a lot of people have them and don’t want to go out and buy them again, so they go back and buy some frites again.

But that’s why I say they’re so great, they are so good.

You have to go back.

I just love them.

And now I can’t go back in the house because I can have them for dinner.

I can eat them, because I don,t have to wait in the middle of the night to have them.