A pair of pair of dog door sensors, a computer chip, a USB cable and a power cable. 

The two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Pomeranian, are equipped with a camera and an accelerometer to track their movement. 

You can control the dogs with your smartphone or tablet and the dog can be programmed to follow you anywhere in the house. 

This smart pet has a digital dog door sensor and an LED light for identification and can also be controlled by a smartphone or laptop. 

The dog is programmed to look for a specific area of the house and the smart dog door has sensors to detect where it is, and what it’s going to see and do next. 

It can also tell you when you are coming back from the bathroom and the dogs proximity sensor is connected to the kitchen to track when you enter the kitchen. 

There is also a Bluetooth pairing function which allows you to pair a pair of dogs and get the dog to follow your footsteps. 

In the video above you can see how this sensor can detect a dog’s footsteps and can be used to detect when your feet leave the footpath and when you start walking. 

Each of the sensors is about a metre in length, and are made of aluminium and copper. 

They cost around £600 ($700) each, and the sensor on the left is a standard two-way camera, which is the same as what you would find in a car. 

If you are buying this for a new home, then you would be able to choose a dog with the same type of sensor and it would be connected to a central control system. 

These sensors are also available in a standard, waterproof version. 

Other dog sensors are available in the US, but not in Britain, which means they are also not compatible with the smart pet. 

You can also buy a digital camera that will give you a picture of the dog and its surroundings. 

Both of these sensors can also work with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablets. 

Here are some more smart dog sensors to consider. 

One of the most interesting is the Smart Dog Door Sensor, a sensor with a digital, waterproof camera and a speaker which can control your dog. 

A camera with a built-in speaker lets you control your dogs movements and it also provides the dog with location information. 

Another smart dog sensor is the Mini Dog Door, which measures a metre by a metre and measures around 20 square metres. 

Mini Dog Door is available in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions, so you can buy both versions to suit your needs. 

And there is the smart house detector, which will detect if you have left your door open and will automatically shut the door when you do. 

To read more about smart dog doors, see our Smart Dog Safety guide.