It was a busy day for NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the league’s ownership.

Silver and his team were back in town for the annual league meetings, but this time the league was meeting in Orlando.

The league was also looking to make changes to its ownership structure, and it was about to do just that.

But first, the league needed to decide whether to hold its summer meetings in Las Vegas, or in San Antonio, where Silver’s office lives.

Silver’s decision to hold the meetings in Orlando was one of the more controversial ones of the league meetings.

But while the decision may have seemed obvious at the time, it is a very important one.

This was a major league that had just announced a new partnership with Comcast SportsNet Orlando, and Silver was concerned that a city that had long been a major competitor might become the next big city for the league.

And Silver wasn’t the only commissioner concerned about the city of Orlando.

Other commissioner were concerned about other potential rivalries, including Chicago, Houston, and New Orleans.

As a result, Silver decided that the league would hold its meeting in San Francisco instead of Orlando, despite the fact that Orlando is a larger city with a much larger population and has a much better basketball team.

This decision had a number of consequences.

For one, it made the league more difficult to sell tickets for the meetings to fans, because it had to pay for them, and they had to be able to find a way to attend the meetings.

Also, it increased the likelihood that fans would show up to the games even if they didn’t have the chance to get tickets to the meetings before.

The idea was that people would buy a ticket and then show up anyway, and if they couldn’t attend, the tickets would be worth less, and the commissioner would make the conference championship game.

The final decision to move the meetings out of Orlando was made by the league office in New York City, which is not as close as it is in Orlando, but it has a lot of influence over the league, and so it made a big difference.

The fact that the decision was made at all in New England, which has a smaller population and a much weaker basketball team, was a huge win for Silver.

The New York media was not the most supportive of the move, with one sports media outlet calling the move a “mockery” of the commissioner and a “shameful betrayal.”

But Silver was quick to point out that he had already made the decision, and that New York was a more attractive location than Orlando, which he called a “scam town.”

The decision to play in Orlando will have a major impact on the game.

With the Orlando meetings taking place in an urban environment, there will be more noise, which will create more distractions for players and fans.

The NBA has already made several changes to the league to try to make the game more accessible to fans.

In 2016, the NBA introduced the new video board, which was a $200 million investment that allowed for a clearer picture of what was happening on the court.

And in 2017, the League instituted the new digital platform called the new “virtual floor,” which will allow players and broadcasters to access more information on the games.

These new changes will help make the league much more accessible, and will allow the league and its teams to build better relationships with fans.

Silver said that the changes were made with the goal of creating an environment that “makes fans want to watch, not just to watch basketball, but to watch something that has meaning and significance to them.”

So while Silver made a decision to put the league in a more urban environment to try and get more fans to show up, he also made the right decision by moving the league from Orlando.

Silver was able to make this decision because he understood that the game has always been played in the city that he and his family grew up in.

He also understood that he wanted to be a good commissioner, and he believed that it was important to have a good relationship with the fans of Orlando and New York.

But as he pointed out, there is a downside to moving the meetings from Orlando, as it will create a bigger obstacle to fans traveling to the meeting.

In a statement to the media, Silver said: We are making this decision based on a strong understanding that Orlando represents a significant challenge for the NBA.

We know that we have to continue to work hard to be the most competitive and entertaining brand in the world.

Silver has been the commissioner for over four decades, and his tenure has been marked by numerous changes, some of which have been beneficial to the game, others not.

But Silver also understands that the time is now to make sure the league continues to grow, grow and grow.

The commissioner was right to take this decision, because there are many things to do.

And the NBA has a chance to build on the success it had last season.

This season will be about making the playoffs,